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Vesta Youth Baseball

Call-Up Option

1. In order for a team to use the call-up option, the team must have begun the season with a valid roster approved by the league.


2. Each team manager will develop a list of second year players, based on their skill level and permission from the parent/guardian.


3. The call-up list from each team has to be turned in to the Player Agent and a parent/guardian signature has to be on the list.


4. These players will be utilized in order for a team to avoid a forfeit situation and must be from YOUR area only. If a team has enough players to fill all positions at the start of a game then only one call-up player may be used.


5. Eligible players are prohibited from practicing outside of their age level. No more than three call-up players can be used by one team in a game.


6. Call-up players will be required to participate with their respective age level team as scheduled prior to participating as a call-up player. This is in effect for any regularly scheduled, make-up, or Vesta in-house tournament game.


7. Call-up players are only allowed to play in the outfield and Pinto players moving up to Mustang must wear a helmet with approved face protection. All call-up players will abide by the rules of play that they are playing in.


8. The manager of the team in need of the call-up player must call the manager of the lower division team to request a player(s). If an area has more than one lower division team, then they must be called in rotation.


9. The team manager of the lower age level team will then select a player from his list of eligible players in order of call-up. The entire list of eligible players must be exhausted before the same player can be used in a call-up situation a second time.  If that area has more than one lower team then all team lists have to be exhausted.


10. Team managers are completely responsible for making sure they send players up in order. If it is found that they are cheating in any way to help teams to win, the league will suspend them and they can be banned from coaching ever again in Vesta.


11. Call-up players can’t be used in end of year playoff, championship or Pony Sanctioned Tournament Games.


12. On the occasion of a call-up player being used, the opposing team manager and the umpires must be notified prior to the game.

13. A call-up player does not have to participate in their game as per Pony’s must play rule.


14. Once a call-up player has been selected through the proper process, upon entering the game, they will only be used for outfield play and will bat last in the lineup unless entering the game as a substitute or in case of an injured player.


15. The team manager of the home team will be responsible for reporting any call-up player used in a game to the respective age group commissioner while reporting the game’s pitching record and results.


Any violation of these playing rules will result in the immediate removal of the team manager from his/her team. Any attempt to circumvent these rules to gain a competitive advantage will be deemed as a violation.

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